The NASH Patient Experience

On behalf of U.S. employers in particular and the employees for whom they advocate, North American Specialty Hospital seeks to provide the highest-quality, most affordable healthcare which North America has to offer – delivered across borders and, at all times, seamlessly.

Above all, the NASH Patient Experience is focused squarely on continuity-of-care – beginning with pre-op evaluation in the United States, followed by surgical treatment in Cancun and Toronto, and finally, post-op followthrough back in the United States. Through each step of the process, NASH involves leading U.S. and/or international caregivers, utilizes bundled-payment pricing for transparency and convenience, and never ceases to gather specific, measurable outcome data by which to be monitored and evaluate.

NASH patient experience

The NASH Patient Experience incorporates a wide array of features, all of which are patient-centered and customer-service oriented, including, among others:

  • All travel-related arrangements
  • Pre and Post-Operative Continuity of Care
  • Concierge services on-site in Cancun
  • Leading-edge technology that includes electronic transfer of medical records and telehealth linkages
  • Companion accommodations with tourism opportunities